RUSH is back with its first collection of original material in five years. Spiritual, provocative and raw, SNAKES & ARROWS contains some of the legendary rock trio's best work -- including the electrifying single, "Far Cry."
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In addition to SNAKES & ARROWS, RUSH is also releasing a MVI on June 5. MVI is a cutting-edge format that features 5.1 surround sound, interactive content and higher storage capacity. The SNAKES & ARROWS MVI contains more than 40 minutes of never-before seen footage of Geddy, Alex and Neil in the studio, and offers fans a first look at some of rock music's greatest innovators.  

To support SNAKES & ARROWS, RUSH will be embarking a world tour on June 13. For the complete list of dates, visit . Tickets are on sale right now at .

SNAKES & ARROWS in stores May 1st, 2007!


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